Mixer car and capacity

Mixer Car

Japan's Economic Growth and Mixer Cars

When concrete began to be used in Japan, on-site kneaded concrete was the mainstream. In 1952, mixer trucks were devised to transport raw concrete in a very rough way, and the transportation method of raw concrete was revised, and the need for raw concrete increased at once with japan's economic growth.
Mixer cars have evolved into today's mixer cars with a variety of improvements to carry better quality raw con.

What kind of car is a mixer car?

I think I've seen a car running with a big drum (mixer part) on the loading platform and gurgling. That's the mixer car.
The professional name is called "agitator track".
Mixer vehicles are responsible for transporting raw, solid concrete (raw concrete) manufactured at the factory to the construction site.
Since raw concrete is mixed with materials with different specific gravity such as cement, materials (sand and gravel), and water, if you carry it as it is, the heavy specific gravity will be separated below, and the light materials such as water will be separated from the top, and it will not be able to use it at construction sites.
Therefore, the mixer car slowly rotates and stirs the drum to carry the raw concrete to the construction site so as not to separate these materials.

Raw con is a 90-minute transportation time game

Raw concrete is placed in the drum of the mixer car and delivered to the construction site by safe operation.
Since cement and water react with raw concrete and hardening begins over time, JIS standards90Within minutesit is decided to deliver it to the site.
Therefore, we carefully check road traffic jam information and construction information in advance, allocate time, and head to the construction site.
In addition, depending on the location, it may be available through mountain forests and narrow roads, so it is transported after considering the width and height of the mixer car.

Structure of mixer car

It is a raw concrete input gate on the rear of the vehicle. Raw con made in the factory is introduced from here.

It is the liver part of the mixer car. A helical plate is attached to the inside of the drum to maintain the quality of the raw concrete so that the material and water do not separate while stirring the raw concrete.

a gutter for pouring raw concrete(And yes.)are. It rotates left and right, and it is also possible to operate up and down.

■Water tank
It is a tank that stores water for cleaning hoppers, drums and chutes after unloading the raw con.

Capacity guide of mixer car

Far Eastern Development Industry Co., Ltd.

Large (20-ton car)
Medium (4 ton to 8 ton car)
Small (3-ton car)

KYB Co., Ltd. Guide

Large (20-ton car)
Medium (4 ton to 8 ton car)
Small (3-ton car)

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