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Concrete is used in high-rise buildings, shopping malls, roads and bridges, schools, hospitals, condominiums, facilities related to daily life such as housing foundations, and disaster prevention facilities such as embankments and seawalls, and is closely related to our lives.
We are making every effort every day to deliver high-quality fresh concrete so that everyone can live with peace of mind.

What is raw con?

Water, sand, gravel, cement, admixture
Knead these.

This fluidRaw con
※The thing that the raw concrete hardened is concrete

Manufacturing process of ready concrete

The production of rawcons is managed by computers. All work is done automatically, such as what materials are produced and how much.
In addition, it is delivered to the customer's construction site by the person who ships (ride-hailing section), the person who makes it (manufacturing staff), the person who inspects (tester), and the person who carries it (mixer car driver).

1.The shipping management device sends measurement data of raw materials according to the formulation to the operation panel

◇ Shipped ◇
Between approximately 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., we will arrive at the site at the specified time and receive your order while considering the transportation time, load capacity and required number of units from the factory so that the installation process can proceed smoothly.
It is also important to grasp the entire factory, such as ordering at multiple sites.
At the RawCon Plant, there are several large mixer trucks and small mixer vehicles, and the dispatcher is active as a control tower to give instructions to each driver.

2.Based on the data sent to the operation panel, each material is calculated only in the necessary amount, put into a mixer, and kneaded.

◇ People who make raw con ◇
Raw concrete manufactures products ordered by customers each time.
Various products are made by the group work of the person who ships and the person who makes it.
There are hundreds of formulations depending on the combination of materials, etc.
From weighing materials to kneading products, the manufacturer checks the quality and process while looking at many monitors.

3.Inspect the finished rawcon for meeting the requirements of the customer

◇ People to inspect ◇
Raw concrete is a JIS product even though it is a semi-finished product. These products require inspection, so a tester is required.
Inspection contents are mainly compound design, material inspection, raw concrete before solidification, strength test of concrete after hardening, preparation of test table, etc.
Since ready concrete varies daily depending on temperature, weather, and material fluctuations, the work of the tester is the most important role to stabilize the quality of the product.

4.Load the raw concrete onto a mixer car and transport it to the site

◇ Transporter ◇
Raw concrete is placed in the drum of the mixer car and delivered to the construction site by safe operation.
Since fresh concrete begins to harden over time, jis standards require delivery to the site within 90 minutes.
In order to maintain quality, we maintain and inspect the inside of the drum.
After each delivery, the drum is cleaned, drained from water, and then loaded with new fresh concrete to the next site.


Structure of the plant


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