2020Runners run in the 2008 Tokyo Olympic Torch Relay Skata district! !

2020The Torch Relay for the Tokyo Olympics was scheduled to be held in 2020 but has been postponed to 2021.

2020A fire is lit in Olympia, Greece on March 12, 2008.
After arriving in Japan on March 20 last year, it was exhibited in Miyagi, Iwate, and Fukushima prefectures, but it was postponed due to the effects of the new coronavirus.
The torch relay, which departed from J-Village in Fukushima Prefecture on March 25 this year and will take 121 days to tour 857 cities and villages nationwide, is scheduled to be ignited at the opening ceremony on July 23.

FinallyShimada City, Fujieda City, Makinohara City, Yaizu CityTorch runner runs.

6Wednesday, May 23 15:00~16:30
Shimada City (Tea Plantation)See the route>>

6Wednesday, May 23 16:35~19:00
Shimada, FukushimaSee the route>>

6Thursday, May 24 7:00~9:00
Makinohara CitySee the route>>

6Thursday, April 24 9:00~11:40
Fujieda, FukushimaSee the route>>

6Thursday, May 24 12:26~13:03
Yaizu, JapanSee the route>>

This year, there are restrictions on support because of coronaization.

[About viewing along the road]
・If you want to see it along the road, please see it near your residence. In particular, please refrain from viewing outside your prefecture.
・ Please wear a mask along the road.
・Please do not shout out loudly, but support by clapping and using distribution goods.
・When viewing, please take an appropriate distance from the front, back, left, and right. Excessive compactity may cause relays to be interrupted.
* In order to avoid the congestion of the road along the road, please watch live broadcast as much as possible.


In early summer, our union staff...


People in Daito-cho, Fujieda City were planted in front of our association.JagarandaThere is a tree.

In an article published in the Shizuoka Shimbun on June 6, 2011, Reiwa,
It is one of the world's three largest flower trees distributed mainly in tropical regions,
"When a flower falls on your head, you get lucky."There was.

Believe such a legend, immediately go under the tree ...

I think the results are as you can see.

Take a look at the goofy photos.

By all means, everyone is in full bloom with light purple flowers, so please see goofy threesomes and colorful flowers when you visit.
We look forward to seeing you.

If our association staff is standing tomorrow, June 9th, you may think that it will be Roku.


By the way, if you have a rock head, you can... It was a middle, three people.

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