Request for a price revision of ready concrete

In order to respond to the current market conditions, the ready-mixed concrete industry in the Shitabarahara area has made various restructurings and made repeated self-help efforts, stabilizing quality and normalizing management,
Due to soaring raw materials and miscellaneous expenses, it has become difficult to manufacture ready-mixed concrete at the current unit price, so please revise it to a reasonable price as follows.

[Revision Date]
Properties to be ordered and tendered from October 1, Reiwa 2014(Bid)From the property

[ Sales Price ]
Compounding 18-18-25N1m16,500 yen

* The former Kawane town, the former Nakagawane town, and the Omaezaki area are estimated separately.

Please note that depending on the soaring prices of raw materials in the future, we may ask for further price revisions.

Since all the members will continue to strive to supply reliable fresh concrete, I think that the environment surrounding the construction industry is severe, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation after taking good sense of the situation.