2022New Year's Greetings

Happy New Year.

Thanks to you in April last year, the blast furnace surcharge that we have been asking since 2012 was reflected in the prefectural accumulated price.
With your cooperation, we were able to recover the market conditions that are worth the price we have set as our goal.
It will help improve the management of the raw con and related industries, which have suffered from market slump for many years.
Thank you very much.

In recent years, coronavirus infection has shown calm, but the impact has had a big impact on overall demand.
In particular, due to a review of private construction, the year-on-year shipment volume of raw-con sales fell sharply to 72%.
I would like to expect a pick-up in the economy due to the end of the coronavirus infection and a recovery in demand in the future, but there are a succession of requests for new coronavirus infections and price increases for cement, aggregates, and other related materials in related industries toward the end of the year.
In addition, the recent rise in gasoline prices has affected all transportation costs in a timely manner.

We, the rawcon union, have also been forced to review the current price due to the rise in overhead without waiting, so from April this year, the current price plus 1000 yen /㎥we have decided to revise the price of
However, the price increase range demanded by related industries is large and severe.
It is also expected that you will have to ask for "additional revisions" depending on the conclusion.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Although it is a severe situation, this year's Year of the Chinese Zodiac Tora is strong and reliable together with related industries
I would like to say hello to the New Year in the hope that I can move forward.
Thank you again this year.

Executive Director Takashi Okajima