Request for a price revision of ready concrete

Request for a price revision of ready concrete

Revised date 
from april 1, Reiwa 4,000
selling price
Distribution 18-18-25 N 1㎥ 15,500 yen

* The former Kawane town, the former Nakagawane town, and the Omaezaki area are estimated separately.

DearEst Of Our Stay, I would like to express my sincere congratulations on your continued prosperity.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your special high level of support for the purchase of fresh concrete.

By the way, we, the raw concrete industry in the Shida Haibara area, has made various reconstructions and strives to help ourselves in order to respond to the current market conditions, stabilizing quality and normalizing management, but due to soaring raw materials and other expenses, it has become difficult to manufacture raw concrete at the current unit price, so I would like to revise it to the appropriate price as follows.

Since all the members will continue to strive to supply reliable fresh concrete, I think that the environment surrounding the construction industry is severe, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation after taking good sense of the situation.

Shizuoka Prefecture Shita Haibara Raw Concrit Cooperative