New Year 2021 Greetings



1,000 yen/m in April last year3In addition to price revisions,
*Slump 2 slide pricing
*Reflection of blast furnace cement increase on accumulated prices
*Review of mileage accrual in kawane area

we have repeatedly asked for revisions to the
With the cooperation of users and other related industries,
Thanks to you, in October 2019, we revised the accumulated prices and the blast furnace discount, as well as the January issue of the accumulated materials.

Now, what are the challenges for this fiscal year?How to maintain market conditions that we have struggled to achieveIs.
It cannot be do without the cooperation of users, supporting members, Oigawa upstream material development cooperatives, cement industry, and admissant manufacturers.
As a member of the construction industry, I think it is an important time to think about how union members can have hope.
Let's think and put out wisdom together with you and make it a better year.
Thank you again this year.

静岡県志太榛原生コンクリート協同組合 専務理事 岡島 隆

Takashi Okajima, Executive Director